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Unlike the main site search this one should include the documents and photos in the search results. The experimental part is that it isn’t working quite as we’d like it yet, but we still think you might find it useful. Because this site is new, and, as it does take some time for Google to work their magic, there’s a good chance that not all of the files and pages which mention your search term are appearing yet. We’re doing our best, but sometimes what’s best is just to wait. If you are stuck, try using the navigation menu to find the page where you think a file would best fit, there is a good chance that it is listed on the page. You’ll find a few other tips here.

Both this and the main search page can be quite pernickety about spellings, more so than a normal Google search. And the original files are littered with typos so it pays to be creative.  We added some of the most common typos and alternative names to the People List, where the in-page search includes alternative spellings or commonly found typos and even some of the weirder OCR results.

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