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Unlike the main site search this version includes the text inside the many documents uploaded to the site in the search results. It it powered by Google, and although it is mostly as good as the search on our old site (RIP wikispaces), it can be slow for changes to populate, and occasionally it just doesn’t measure up. You’ll find a few other tips here, or just ask us.

Both this and the main search page can be quite pernickety about spellings, more so than a normal Google search. And as the original files are littered with typos, and OCR on old scanned files is kind of unreliable, it pays to be creative.  To help inspire your brainstorming we included some of the most common typos and alternative for people’s names to the People List, where the in-page search includes alternative spellings or commonly found typos and even some of the weirder OCR results.

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