Search the wiki

Want to find something on the wiki but don't know where it is, and can't be bothered to look through the menus? This is the page for you.

At the moment this search is limited to the text of our wiki pages only, it doesn't include the hundreds of documents loaded on the wiki. In most cases this is helpful, as there are hundreds of documents, and the info on the pages is enough to narrow down the results. And because every document is linked from at least one page, most from several, finding a relevant page is a great way to find a relevant document. But, if you really want to find a particular document and this search just doesn't give you enough help, then try our alternative, experimental search page. Or, for a particular person, try the People List page which has its own search, and on the Undisclosed Blogs page you can also run a search of Colin, Susan or Rabia's blogs.