Vickie Wash

  • Description: Was original prosecuting attorney in Adnan's case, directed the police investigation and led at bail hearings and the grand jury. Now the senior lawyer for County PD, which includes FOIA requests for Police records re CrimeStoppers payout
  • Alt. names or misspellings: Vicki, Vicky, Walsh
  • Job Title: Legal Director
  • Employer: Baltimore County Police Department - BCoPD
  • Contacted by City Police: Yes. See details in BPD interview list
Further information:

Previously an Assistant State’s Attorney (ASA) in Baltimore City, 1999 to 2005/2006. Vickie Wash made the “xenophobic, gendered, cultural stereotype of Pakistani men…without any basis in fact” arguments that Judge Welch later judged to be so “egregious” that he effectively struck the entire hearing from the record.

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