Thiru Vignarajah

  • Description: Pro bono lead prosecution attorney from 2017. Previously Deputy Attorney General, 2015 to 2016.
  • Alt. names or misspellings: Thiruvendran, Thuru, Theru, Thoro, Thiroo
  • Student: Woodlawn High School '96
  • Job Title: Private attorney
  • Employer: DLA Piper
  • Interviewed by other media, since Serial? Has given multiple interviews relating to the case (See links on"News Media" and "Other Media" wiki-pages)
Further information:

Now “Special Assistant Attorney General” for pro bono work. As DAG had unusual level of involvement in Adnan’s case, making multiple court and media appearances. Since leaving the OAG has continued both as lead prosecutor and OAG media representive on the case.
In 2017-18 stood for election as Baltimore City State’s Attorney and came last
Timeline: Jan 2015: appointed DAG by Elected AG Brian Frosh, May 2015: first appears on Adnan’s case docs, Sep 1, 2016: Staff learn of Thiru’s departure, Sep 2: departure breaks to media, Sep 12: Quattrocki’s name announced as replacement in Daily Record, Sep 27: Quattrocki’s last day at MHBE, Sep 29: OAG web site updated, Quattrocki replaced Vignarajah, early Oct 2016: Vignarajah leaves, 18 Jan 2017: DLA Piper announce his new position just hours after the widely reported announcemnt that COSA were granting the State’s appeal, Sep 2017, Vignarajah announces long anticipated run for Baltimore State’s Attorney role.

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