Phillip Buddemeyer

  • Description: City surveyor who visited burial spot
  • Alt. names or misspellings: Philip, (double LL is the spelling on his business card), Buddermeyer, Buddmeyer, Buddemayor
  • Job Title: Field Survey Supervisor
  • Employer: Dept of Public Works City of Baltimore
  • Contacted by City Police: Yes. See details in BPD interview list
  • Testimony: Trial 2
  • Interviewed by other media, since Serial? See Further Information (See links on"News Media" and "Other Media" wiki-pages)
Further information:

Alive and most definitely kicking. Buddemeyer is the surveyor who was called by police to the crime scene in Leakin Park. He produced this map, which shows (in a break-out “cloud”) the position of the log and the body. He showed the defense team around the site later in 1999, and the trip video is available on YouTube.

At trial he testified for the defense that the body was very well camouflaged.
Rumours of his death have been mistakes, based on his uncle’s obituary. He attended the 2016 PCR hearings (as an observer) and was subsequently interviewed by press including a longer interview (print and video) with local paper Baltimore Sun, and later in the Investigation Discovery special about the case. See the News Coverage and Other Media wiki pages.

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