Malcolm Bryant

  • Description: Exoneree. A Baltimore man wrongly convicted of murder and exonerated in 2016, after seventeen years in prison. Bill Ritz was lead detective.
  • Alt. names or misspellings: Malcolm Jabbar Bryant (actual full name), Briant, Malcom
  • Interviewed by other media, since Serial? Bryant gave an interview to the University of Baltimore Law magazine, a copy is available (See links on"News Media" and "Other Media" wiki-pages)
Further information:

Detective William Ritz was the lead detective in the investigation which convicted Bryant. Bryant was finally exonerated and released in May 2016, and tragically he died less than a year later. His release took many years and his attorney, Michelle Nethercott from the University of Baltimore Innocence Project Clinic, said they had to “fight every step of the way on the DNA testing“.

After Bryant’s release the Baltimore SAO’s “Conviction Integrity Unit” got a great deal of press attention for their part, which began after all the evidence had (finally) been procured and the case for innocence had been conclusively made.

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