Kristi V

  • Description: Friend of Jenn Pusateri, allegedly Adnan and Jay visited her apartment on 1/13 before leaving to bury Hae, known as (not her real name) Kathy or Cathy on Serial
  • Alt. names or misspellings: Cathy, Kathy, Not Her Real Name Cathy, NHRNC, Christina, Christy, Kristina Vinson, Christi, Christi
  • Student: UMBC
  • Contacted by City Police: Yes. See details in BPD interview list
  • Testimony: Trial 1 and Trial 2
  • Spoke on podcast(s)? Serial
  • Interviewed by other media, since Serial? The Case Against Adnan Syed (See links on"News Media" and "Other Media" wiki-pages)
Further information:

Kristina Vinson testified at trial that Jay and Adnan came to her house on the night of January 13, 1999. Adnan was acting strangely. He received a phone call, and he and Jay left.

In 2019, Kristi was interviewed on The Case Against Adnan Syed. The filmmakers, with her consent, obtained her school records from the University of Baltimore College Park. The records showed that Kristi was enrolled in a Winter Term class on Wednesday nights in January 1999 from 6:00pm to 9:10pm. She received a ‘B’ grade. Winter Term classes at UMBC include a full semester of content in a compressed timeline, and attendance at all sessions was typically mandatory to pass the class. Hae’s murder occurred on Wednesday, January 13, 1999. When shown her transcripts, Kristi said,

I don’t remember. I don’t remember whether I just blew the class off. So I got a ‘B’? These were only three sessions? Oh then I wouldn’t have blown it off. I couldn’t have, I wouldn’t have passed. I wouldn’t have been able to skip a winter class. So it definitely couldn’t have happened on the 13th, because I wouldn’t have been home watching Judge Judy on the 13th, if I had class. That concerns me, because I believe Adnan did it. I believe that those events connect — him loaning the car to Jay happens on the same date as them coming to my house. That was the same date as them — as Adnan killing Hae, as the same date as them going to Leakin Park. You know what I mean, I believed all that happened on the same day. But if we’re . . . [Interviewer: If one thing is off, how much does everything slide off?] Right, right. [Kristi puts her head in her hands.] I wish that I had a really clear recollection of the 13th and what happened. [Additional Interviewer questions omitted]

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