Kevin Urick

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Urick stood for selection as Cecil County State’s Attorney in 2018 and came last, having also lost previous elections where he stood for various Judge positions

He is the author of a self published sci-fi novel ‘Snow World’.

Urick gave a three part interview to The Intercept in January 2015, which was retrospectively fact-checked and corrected by the editorial team, and led to the two reporters leaving the publication. He also wrote a letter to the Maryland Daily Record. Both his interview and his letter were used by Adnan’s defense in their arguments to get another hearing. At that 2016 PCR hearing, Asia McClain’s gave testimony about her telephone conversation with Urick in 2010 before the first PCR , including the phone records. This cast a lot of doubt on the veracity of Urick’s statements both at that 2010 hearing and since, but the State did not call Urick to rebut McClain, nor has he responded publicly.

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