Jay Wilds

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Jay also worked at the Drug Emporium store a short walk from his home.

Serial produced a time line which showed the conflicts betweeen just a few of Jay’s different versions of events for January 13, 1999

There is a separate page with details of Jay’s own court case for the murder of Hae Min Lee.

Jay’s post-Serial interviews with The Intercept: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

In The Case Against Adnan Syed, the filmmakers interviewed Jay in January 2019. They did not have his permission to record, so we do not hear his voice. Instead, his words were shown on a screencap:

Jay maintained to the filmmakers that on the day of the murder, he borrowed Adnan’s car to buy his girlfriend a birthday present. In the phone conversation, he contradicted past statements by suggesting he tried to return Adnan’s car at school, but couldn’t find him and left. Jay told the filmmakers that Adnan showed up at his house and that’s where he saw Hae’s body, not Best Buy as he had previously stated. He said that the idea of Best Buy came from the police. Jay told the filmmakers that Adnan asked him to procure 10 pounds of marijuana. Jay claims that once he acquired the marijuana, Adnan threatened to turn him in if he didn’t help bury Hae’s body. Jay said that he and Adnan left Hae’s car in a grassy lot on January 13th, where it remained until Jay took the police there on February 28th.

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