Ivan Bates

  • Description: Stood in election for Baltimore City's elected State's Attorney in 2017/18. Declared he would not retry Adnan as the State's case is so weak.
  • Job Title: Private Attorney
  • Website/Other link: Bates' campaign website
  • Twitter: @ivanjbates
  • Interviewed by other media, since Serial? Multiple interviews including Rolling Stone (See links on"News Media" and "Other Media" wiki-pages)
Further information:

Bates was a junior prosecutor in 1999 and was in the courtroom during Adnan’s bail hearing where Vickie Wash made her infamous xenophobic, and later retracted, arguments. More recently he ran for election as the Democratic candidate State’s Attorney in Baltimore City against (Syed’s prosecutor) Thiru Vignarajah and incumbent Marilyn Mosby, Mosby won. During the campaign Bates said that he would drop charges against Adnan and reopen the investigation, as “The evidence that [the state] had is nonexistent.”

Bates was also interviewed on The Case Against Adnan Syed.

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