M Cristina Gutierrez

  • Description: Defense attorney in Trials 1 and 2
  • Alt. names or misspellings: known to friends as Tina, also Maria (official first name). Christina, Gutierez, Guttierez, Guttierrez, Guttuerez, Guterez, Gootz
  • Job Title: Private attorney
  • Employer: Redmond Burgin and Gutierrez
Further information:

After losing the second trial, Gutierrez would not respond to Adnan or his family and they were forced to ask the Judge to intervene and take her off the case. She was voluntarily disbarred less than two years after Adnan’s trial and she died in January 2004.

External links with further information. See also Undisclosed Season 1, Episode 14 “Tina”.

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