Adnan Syed

  • Description: Ex boyfriend of Hae. Accused and convicted of her murder. Conviction vacated in 2016. Currently defendant in State's appeal.
  • Alt. names or misspellings: Masud (actual middle name), Adnar, Adrian, Andnan, Andan, Adnarn, Aonan, Adnon, Musad, Nasud, Syedd, Seyed
  • Student: Woodlawn High School '99
  • Employer: Rural Metro Ambulance
  • Contacted by County Police: Yes. See details in BCoPD interview list
  • Contacted by City Police: Yes. See details in BPD interview list
  • Testimony: Post Conviction Review Proceeding 2012 (PCR1)
  • Spoke on podcast(s)? Serial
Further information:

Despite his conviction being overturned in 2016, Adnan is currently imprisoned in the North Branch Correctional Institute. He was previously held at Maryland House of Corrections in Jessup.

Many letters from Adnan are featured in Rabia Chaudry’s book “Adnan’s Story“.