Sandra Potter

Paralegal and Notary at LensCrafters corporate offices in Cincinnati, responded to subpoenas, including letter telling Urick that Don's manager on 1/13 was also his mother [more...]

Ezra Mable

Exoneree. A Baltimore man freed in 2016, after ten years in prison. Bill Ritz was lead detective and Kirk Hastings was also involved. [more...]

Sabein Burgess

Exoneree. A Baltimore man wrongly convicted of murder and exonerated in 2014, after nineteen years in prison. Ritz, Lehman and Van Gelder of the BPD were all named in a law suit by Burgess and in 2017 a jury awarded a record payout of $15 million. [more...]

Mrs S

Daughter attended Woodlawn, had vision of Hae's killers that she reported to police [more...]