Scott Serio

Accompanied Jay and Detectives Ritz, MacGilivary, Naylor and Sgt Forrester to recover Hae Min Lee's car [more...]

Steven Lehmann

Supervised homicide detectives. Spoke to Adnan's atty on day of arrest, arranged searches for Hae Min Lee's car; took part in several witness interviews including Jay and Jenn, and attended case strategy meetings with ASA Wash and Ritz. [more...]

Timothy G Keel

Attended Leakin Park Crime Scene on 10 Feb. Supervised homicide detectives. Took call about Mr. A from Officer Baumrin. Contacted Baltimore County PD commander to assist computer investigation [more...]

Michael Johnson

May have accompanied Det's MacGillivary, Ritz (and possibly one other detective) on 9 Feb following Mr S 's report of finding a body. [more...]

Jeffrey Rosen

Addressee on internal BPD correspondence about making teletype requests on Hae's car and withholding towing and storage charges for Adnan's car. [more...]

Kirk Hastings

Filmed Hae Min Lee's Nissan on March 16, 1999, with Detective Sgt Kevin Forrester,after it had been released to the Lee family. [more...]