Michelle Hamiel

Manager of Woodlawn library, testified at Reopened PCR that she replaced tapes in library security cameras every day in 1999 [more...]

Mr A

Observed suspicious activity in Leakin Park about a mile from burial site and reported it to the police [more...]

Mrs S

Daughter attended Woodlawn, had vision of Hae's killers that she reported to police [more...]

Officer Steve M

Worked at Woodlawn Public Library as a security guard, called as witness by State in Reopened PCR, did not recall seeing Adnan on 1/13/99. [more...]

Mandy Johnson

Private Investigator hired by the Lee family shortly after Hae Min Lee's disappearance. Later prepared Pakistani culture or "fluff" report for Baltimore City Police Department [more...]

Chris Yi

Translated and interpreted Korean for Hae Min Lee's family on behalf of the Enehey Group [more...]

Dave (Neighbor Dad)

Reported to the police that his Neighbor (Boy, E) told his daughter Laura that he had seen Hae Min Lee's body in the trunk of a vehicle [more...]