Sandra Potter

Paralegal and Notary at LensCrafters corporate offices in Cincinnati, responded to subpoenas, including letter telling Urick that Don's manager on 1/13 was also his mother [more...]

Anita B

Mother of Don C, also manages Lenscrafters Hunt Valley store, where Don was recorded as doing an unscheduled shift on 1/13 [more...]

Hae Min Lee

In the words of Sarah Koenig, "[S]he was cheerful and light and funny. That she loved the movie Titanic, that she sometimes put nail polish on just so that she could pick it off. She wasn’t insecure, seemingly ever. Sprite was her favorite soda. The Dallas Cowboys her favorite team, not because she cared about football but because she liked the colors blue and silver. That she could charm you without trying. That she was a good friend to her friends. She took in their problems and their pain and tried to help them if she could."