News about Adnan’s Case

What’s new?

Adnan Syed’s conviction was vacated on September 19, 2022. He was released from prison that day. The site will be updated soon with the motion by the prosecution to set aside the conviction.

What Happens Next?

Maryland has 30 days from the date the conviction was vacated to decide to try Adnan again. A decision to try Adnan again is not expected.

Wow, All This Happened Since Serial?

Yes, one of the goals of this website, is to share the new information and particularly the documents and other materials that have been made public since the Serial podcast concluded in 2014. We were inspired by the Undisclosed podcast, which aired in 2015, though we are not affiliated with the Undisclosed team. Check out trial transcripts, police reports, photos, and the latest appeal case details.