News about Adnan’s Case

What’s new on the Wiki?

New evidence files have been shared online by the Court of Appeals. These are large files, but not all documents within them are “new-to-the-public”. The most significant new document is Asia McClain Chapman’s two day testimony from the 2016 PCR hearing. Find the complete files (in searchable format) and an index on our new COA evidence page. Somehow, the State forgot to hand them in on time, they were 31 days past the court ordered deadline,¬†better late than never!

What’s the Current Status of the Adnan Syed Case?

Adnan Syed was granted a new trial in June 2016, on the grounds that his trial counsel was ineffective. The State of Maryland appealed that decision. The Court of Special Appeals (“COSA”) of Maryland ruled in Syed’s favor in March 2018. Maryland petitioned the highest court in Maryland (the Court of Appeals) for a writ of certiorari to appeal the COSA decision. Syed has cross-petitioned for certiorari as well. In July 2018, the Court of Appeals granted certiorari¬†on issues raised by both the State and Syed. Syed requested bail while the appeals are pending, but the judge denied his request. He remains in prison.

What Happens Next?

The parties will submit various legal briefs and then argue the issues in front of the Maryland Court of Appeals in either late November or early December 2018. A decision is firmly expected by August 31, 2019, maybe earlier. Evidence Prof has more details in his blog.

Wow, All This Happened Since Serial?

Yes, one of the goals of this website, is to share the new information and particularly the documents and other materials that have been made public since the Serial podcast concluded in 2014. We were inspired by the Undisclosed podcast, which aired in 2015, though we are not affiliated with the Undisclosed team. Check out trial transcripts, police reports, photos, and the latest appeal case details.