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A private investigations company in Anne Arundel county, run by Mandy Johnson.

The Enehey Group were hired by Hae Min Lee‘s Uncle, Mr Kim to help look for Hae when she went missing. The Enehey Group interviewed several friends and family and wrote an (undated) Missing Persons report for her family. Johnson claimed to be in daily contact with BCoPD Detective O’Shea.
Johnson had Hae’s diary and it was collected from her home by BPD a week after Hae’s body was found.

The Enehey Group wrote the Islamic Thought and Culture Report written for police to
help “fluff” the prosecution of Adnan Syed. This report was not provided to defense until Serial shared it in 2014, but the “deeply Islamophobic” content continues to adversely colour the views of people who know little of Islam.

Johnson later spoke to Colin Miller about the case, but when he reported her statements in his blog, a reddit account called BrotherofHae said they were untrue.