Before Trial – Investigations

This group of pages covers most records that we have from before Adnan’s first trial:

The Arrest and Bail page includes details of Adnan’s arrest, the local jail where he was then held, attempts to get bail in 1999, and the later application for bail in 2015.

The Defense investigation page includes work done by Tina Gutierrez and her associates, and her predecessors Chris Flohr and Douglas Colbert. The defense investigation continues under the direction of Adnan’s current attorney, Justin Brown, but that work is not publicly available.

Prior to a criminal trial, the State is required to share information with the defense, in a process called discovery. Both the State and defense may make motions to the court to obtain rulings on the admissibility of evidence. Court records related to these topics are on the Pre-Trial and Discovery page.

We also have several pages devoted to the Police Investigation, beginning with what we know about the Baltimore County Police’s missing person’s investigation and the Baltimore City Police Department’s homicide investigation. Separate pages are devoted to what we know about the Physical Evidence collected, photographs (including some non-police photos), listings for the
Progress Reports written by the detectives to update their superiors, and what we have of the BPD files, produced in two parts under the MPIA (Maryland Public Information Act).