Undisclosed Documents

Undisclosed Podcast shared a lot of documents related to this case as support for the episodes in their Season 1 “State vs Adnan Syed”

So, if you are looking for a file, and remember that you saw it first on the Undisclosed website, this wiki-page is the solution. All the episodes and all the documents from are listed, episode by episode. With thanks of course to the original source, Undisclosed-Podcast.com

Use Ctrl + F or similar for a quick search, or jump to the episode using the contents table. We’ve shown all the episodes, even those without any documents, plus links to listen to each episode on Audioboom.

The longest and bulkiest documents from the case are the Trial Transcripts, which were mostly shared by Rabia on her blog before the podcast began, but the team also shared many other documents via their individual blogs, which aren’t all listed here, but when you see them (all throughout the wiki) you’ll notice the filenames include the prefixes VLL2, EVPB or STMB or, for the trials, T1 or T2, which helps us to keep track of the sources and give credit.

Original podcast season

S1-Extra-01 The Preview

Episode date: 12 April 2015

Episodes/Addenda 1 to 4

April to June 2015

S1-Episode-01 Adnan’s Day

Episode date: 13 April 2015

S1-Addendum-01 The Trip to Cathy’s

Episode date: 20 April 2015

S1-Episode-02 Hae’s Day

Episode date: 27 April 2015

S1-Addendum-02 “Takera” and Hae’s other diary

Episode date: 04 May 2015

S1-Episode-03 Jay’s Day

Episode date: 12 May 2015

S1-Addendum-03 When did Jay first talk to the Police

Episode date: 18 May 2015

S1-Episode-04 28 Days

Episode date: 25 May 2015

S1-Addendum-04 Mr S’s Polygraphs

Episode date: 01 June 2015

Episodes/Addenda 5 to 8

June to August 2015

S1-Episode-05 Autopẽs

Episode date: 08 June 2015

S1-Addendum-05 The Auto, The Autopsy and The Eyewitness

Episode date: 15 June 2015

S1-Episode-06 The Suspect

Episode date: 22 June 2015

S1-Addendum-06 Stopping Stephanie, the ATM and the Islamophobe

Episode date: 29 June 2015

S1-Addendum-06.5 Answers to Some Frequent Twitter Questions

Episode date: 06 July 2015

S1-Episode-07 The Arrest

Episode date: 13 July 2015

Related: Arrest and Bail page

S1-Addendum-07 Making Bail in Baltimore

Episode date: 20 July 2015

S1-Episode-08 Ping

Episode date: 23 July 2015

S1-Addendum-08 Incoming

Episode date: 03 August 2015

Episodes/Addenda 9 to 12

August to October 2015

S1-Episode-09 Charm City

Episode date: 10 August 2015

S1-Addendum-09 Motion to Reopen

Episode date: 17 August 2015

S1-Episode-10 Crimestoppers

Episode date: 24 August 2015

S1-Addendum-10 Ride Along

Episode date: 31 August 2015

S1-Episode-11 The Deals with Jay

Episode date: 14 September 2015

S1-Addendum-11 Sub Curia

Episode date: 21 September 2015

S1-Episode-12 Prisoner’s Dilemma

Episode date: 05 October 2015

S1-Addendum-12 Exhibit 31

Episode date: 14 October 2015

Episodes/Addenda 13 to 17

October to December 2015

S1-Episode-13 Bearing Witness

Episode date: 19 October 2015

S1-Addendum-13 12 12 0 4 0 0

Episode date: 26 October 2015

S1-Episode-14 Tina

Episode date: 2 November 2015

S1-Addendum-14 Ineffective Assistance

Episode date: 9 November 2015

S1-Episode-15 Discovery

Episode date: 16 November 2015

S1-Addendum-15 Brady

Episode date: 23 November 2015

S1-Episode-16 The State’s Case

Episode date: 7 December 2015

S1-Addendum-16 The State Rests

Episode date: 14 December 2015

S1-Episode-17 In Closing

Episode date: 21 December 2015

Special episodes during the original season

April to December 2015

S1-Extra-02 The recent decision in Adnan’s Appeal

Episode date: 22 May 2015

S1-Extra-07 Interview with Dr. Hlavaty, Full Audio

Episode date: 18 June 2015

S1-Extra-10 Interview with Tanveer Syed

Episode date: 23 July 2015

S1-Extra-11 Explainer: Order Granting the Motion to Reopen

Episode date: 9 November 2015

January 2016

S1-Extra-12 Bonus Episode: Undisclosing the Team

Episode date: 04 January 2016

Audioboom Q&As

June 2015

S1-Extra-03 AudioBoom Q&A 1: Rabia Chaudry

Episode date: 12 June 2015

S1-Extra-04 AudioBoom Q&A 2: Susan Simpson

Episode date: 12 June 2015

S1-Extra-05 AudioBoom Q&A 5: Rabia Chaudry

Episode date: 17 June 2015

S1-Extra-06 AudioBoom Q&A 4: Susan Simpson

Episode date: 17 June 2015

S1-Extra-08 AudioBoom Q&A 5: Rabia Chaudry

Episode date: 19 June 2015

S1-Extra-09 AudioBoom Q&A 6: Susan Simpson

Episode date: 19 June 2015

Post Conviction Hearing 2016

Live Daily Updates

S1-Extra-13 Adnan’s PCR Hearing: 1

Episode date: 03 February 2016

S1-Extra-14 Adnan’s PCR Hearing: 2

Episode date: 04 February 2016

S1-Extra-15 Adnan’s PCR Hearing: 3

Episode date: 05 February 2016

S1-Extra-16 Adnan’s PCR Hearing: 4

Episode date: 08 February 2016

S1-Extra-17 Adnan’s PCR Hearing: 5

Episode date: 09 February 2016

Post Conviction Relief mini-series

S1-Extra-18 Postconviction Relief, Pt. 1: Reopenings

Episode date: 22 February 2016

S1-Extra-19 Postconviction Relief, Pt. 2: Crossing Asia

Episode date: 29 February 2016

S1-Extra-20 Postconviction Relief, Pt. 3: Hypotheticals

Episode date: 07 March 2016

S1-Extra-21 Postconviction Relief, Pt. 4: Subscriber Activity

Episode date: 21 March 2016

S1-Extra-22 Postconviction Relief, Pt. 5: Closing Thoughts

Episode date: 04 April 2016

Conviction vacated, and then?

S1-Extra-23 Bonus Episode – Vacated

Episode date: 04 July 2016

No documents released by the podcast, but they discussed both the short Order by Judge Welch, which vacated Adnan’s conviction and granted him a retrial, and the “full length decision“. It’s an interesting read, look out for Judge Welch comparing the credibility of Asia McClain and “expert witness” FBI Special Agent Chad Fitzgerald.

S1-Extra-24 Bonus Episode – Bail

Episode date: 31 October 2016

Related: Arrest and Bail page and the Motion for Bail Exhibits page which describes the (many) individual Exhibits.

S1-Extra-25 Bonus Addendum – Conditions of Release

Episode date: 03 November 2016

Related: Arrest and Bail page and the Motion for Bail Exhibits page.

S1-Extra-26 Bonus Episode – Adnan Update

Episode date: 06 January 2017

Related: Judge Welch’s decision to not allow Adnan out on bail.

Court of Special Appeals 2017

S1-Extra-27 Bonus Episode – Adnan Appeal Preview

Episode date: 15 May 2017

Related: Appeals page for the written arguments submitted before the hearing. Also, listen here to the complete official audio recording kindly collected and shared by one of Adnan’s supporters.

S1-Extra-28 Bonus Episode – Oral Arguments

Episode date: 14 June 2017

Related: Appeals page with the written submissions from each side before the hearing. Listen to the official recording of the Oral Arguments hearing in front of the COSA Judges on June 8, 2017. A CD collected (and paid for) from the Court building in Annapolis and kindly uploaded by one of Adnan’s supporters.

The COSA decision

S1-Extra-29 Bonus Episode – Split Decision – Part 1

Episode date: 3 April 2018

Rabia, Susan, and Colin discuss and analyze the 138 page decision issued by the MD Court of Special Appeals last week in the Adnan Syed Case.
Related: Court of Special Appeals opinion affirming Judge Welch’s decision to grant a retrial

S1-Extra-30 Bonus Episode – Split Decision – Part 2

Episode date: 9 April 2018

Rabia, Colin and attorney Erica Suter answer listener questions and discuss what comes next in the Adnan Syed appeal.
Related: Court of Special Appeals opinion affirming Judge Welch’s decision to grant a retrial.
Erica’s blog posts “Part 1: Syed v. State: The Significance of the Latest Decision” and “Part 2: The Alibi Issue”.
Also helpful, a blog from Steve Klepper “What’s Next” blog post by Steve Klepper explaining the appeal options and time frames.

Court of Appeals

S1-Extra-31 Bonus Episode – Certiorari

Episode date: 5 June 2018

Rabia, Susan, and Colin provide an update on the Adnan Syed case.
Related: State Petition, State’s Petition to Court of Appeals, Adnan’s Opposition and Cross Petition.

S1-Extra-32 Bonus Episode – Listener Q&A

Episode date: 28 June 2018

Susan, Rabia and Colin take listener questions and give updates on some of the cases covered by Undisclosed.


With 17 full strength “Episodes” and paired Addenda (or is that Addendum?) and several flavors of special episodes too, the Undisclosed Podcast season structure is a little complex. To help us keep track of which files belong with each podcast ep, we took some liberties with the numbering of all those extra episodes, (preview, Audioboom Q&As, extended interviews, “explainers”, etc) and our numbering might not necessarily match Undisclosed’s own.
This isn’t terribly important, except that this numbering and episode type was also used in the document filenames as a prefix of UDe, UDa, or UDx.