Other Books, Podcasts and Video

Other Books, Podcasts, and Video episodes dedicated to the Adnan Syed/Hae Min Lee case

There is also a page dedicated to Serial podcast itself (plus media coverage of Serial as a phenomenon), and another page with traditional news coverage of developments in the case.


Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial, Rabia Chaudry, St. Martin’s Press, 2016

Confessions of a Serial Alibi, Asia McClain Chapman, Post Hill Press, 2016

Podcasts – Truth and Justice

The Truth and Justice podcast, hosted by Bob Ruff, covered the Syed/Lee case in Season 1, or all episodes starting with “1.” When the Syed/Lee episodes first aired, the podcast was called “Serial Dynasty.”

Bob Ruff did several interviews relating to the case, most notably “Neighbor Boy” who had not spoken to either Serial or Undisclosed. We have copies of the transcripts from those interview episodes on this wiki, with grateful thanks to Bob and company. Transcripts for every episode are available on the T&J podcast website.

Podcasts – Crime Writers On

Long running review show, originally “Crime Writers on Serial. Hosted by Rebecca Lavoie, Kevin Flynn, Lara Bricker, and Toby Ball.

Episodes 1-3 review Season 1 of Serial. When there is news, about the Syed/Lee case, the hosts will unpack it for listeners in a “True Crime Podcast Update” often featuring Colin Miller.

Video – The Case Against Adnan Syed

Watch the four-part 2019 documentary on HBO.
Try NowTV in the UK or SBS OnDemand in Australia.

Video – MSNBC Shift “The Docket”

Legal current affairs show, hosted by Seema Iyer produced three special episodes and helped Undisclosed acquire evidence from the Baltimore Court archives.

The Docket ‘Serial’ Special – The Cellphone Mystery (2/8/15)

The Docket – The Science of Serial, Part I (4/3/15)

The Docket – The Science of Serial, Part II (4/6/15)

Periscope/YouTube Channels

Brendan Kenny Periscope
Brendan Kenny YouTube channel
Rabia Chaudry Periscope
Seema Iyer YouTube channel
Susan Simpson Periscope

Single Podcast Episodes and Videos

The Bollywood Lawyer Podcast

Link to archive feed

Episode 1 – “A Night for Justice” Gala hosted by Adnan Syed Legal Trust (3/18/16)

Episode 58 – “Adnan Syed Court of Special Appeals Hearing,” includes an interview with Erica Suter,  attorney who attended the hearing (6/18/17)

Case in Point Podcast

Fairness, Criminal Justice, and Serial [features Rabia Chaudry] (4/28/15)

Crime Junkie Podcast

Episode 20 – “What Serial Didn’t Tell You” (4/9/18)

Crime Watch Daily

Adnan Syed, Convicted in Ex’s Murder, Gets New Trial (Part 1) (12/14/16)

Adnan Syed, Convicted in Ex’s Murder, Gets New Trial (Part 2) (12/14/16)

Adnan Syed, Convicted in Ex’s Murder, Gets New Trial (Part 3) (12/14/16) [interview with Asia McClain Chapman]

Adnan Syed, Convicted in Ex’s Murder, Gets New Trial (Part 4) (12/14/16)  [interview with Asia McClain Chapman]

Generation Why Podcast

Interview with Rabia Chaudry – Episode 195 (8/15/16)

Georgetown Events

Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial (10/21/16) panel discussion featuring Rabia Chaudry and NY state exoneree Marty Tankleff

Grace v. Abrams

Hosted by Nancy Grace (you’ve been warned!) and Floyd Abrams (4/26/18)  includes interview with Debbie W and Judge Quarles

Investigation Discovery

Adnan Syed: Innocent or Guilty (6/14/16) – includes the first public interview with Inez Butler-Hendrix, plus Saad Chaudry and Krista Myers

The Luke Thomas Show

Featuring Susan Simpson discussing Judge Welch’s ruling granting Syed a new trial (7/12/16)

Marc Steiner Show

Adnan Syed hearing continues in Baltimore, The Marc Steiner Show [podcast episode featuring Doug Colbert], Steinershow.org (2/8/16)

New America Foundation

Adnan’s Story: The Search for Truth and Justice After Serial (10/5/16) [featuring Rabia Chaudry and Marcia Chatelain, co-host of the Undisclosed Freddie Gray season, interviewed by Peter Bergen of the New America Foundation]

Night for Justice

The Journey of Adnan Syed (3/15/16) [created by Karen Turner for the Night for Justice Gala event sponsored by the Adnan Syed Legal Trust]

Penn Law

Serial Uncut: The Case of Adnan Syed [talk by Rabia Chaudry to the Penn Law Muslim Law Students Association] (3/31/15)

The Rob Burgess Show

Episode 55 – Asia McClain Chapman (4/14/17)

Routing Out Podcast

Link to archive feed, which includes several episodes about Adnan Syed and Serial

Stanford Center on the Legal Profession

Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: What Serial Can Teach Us About Advocacy and the Media [featuring Rabia Chaudry and John S. Knight Journalism Fellow Umbreen Bhatti] (1/12/15)

True Murder Podcast

Serial: The Ongoing Story, hosted by Dan Zupansky with guest Susan Simpson (1/29/15)

University of Baltimore

‘Serial’ Discussion Panel Hosted by the University of Baltimore, WMAR-2 News [featuring Rabia Chaudry, Saad Chaudry, Justin Brown, Doug Colbert, Susan Simpson] (2/12/15)

University of Virginia School of Law

“Serial” and UVA Law’s Innocence Project [featuring Deirdre Enright] (3/9/15)

The Wright Show

Featuring guest Susan Simpson (2/7/15)