About this site

About The Undisclosed Wiki

The purpose of this site is to give listeners to Serial and Undisclosed (or any other people who have been following the case of Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee) one single site where they can find, view/read, search or download all the collected evidence that relates to original investigation of Hae’s murder and/or the ongoing legal case of Adnan Syed vs the State.

The wiki is not legally affiliated with the Undisclosed Podcast or Serial Podcast or any one directly involved in the case.  It is a fan site, built by a small group of volunteers with an ongoing interest in the case.

Our logo was designed for us by Balookey and is based on the logo she designed for the Undisclosed Podcast. Thank you Balookey.


You can contact the site organizers via email magnetwikitest@gmail.com.

We’ve tried to include all the publicly available documents, except those from copyrighted works or documents that contain very private or sensitive information. If you find any that we are missing please do get in touch and help us to include them. Ditto if you find any broken links or mistakes, we want to fix them!


Privacy of people involved in the case

The publicity around this case will inevitably have an ongoing impact on people who were directly or indirectly involved.  We have made an effort to respect their privacy by limiting internal references and by adding some additional redactions of particularly personal information from the documents. Please contact us if you have any concerns about your own information.

Privacy of users

Please see our privacy policy.